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Protected: The Activists: The Lyme Wars

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

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The Activists: Lyme Warriors: Heather Haynes

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

The Activists: Lyme warriors: Heather Haynes from The Georgia Pictures Company on Vimeo.

Lyme Warrior Heather Haynes Discusses a vison for the future of Lyme Treatment: AN accelerated search for a cure, and lower cost treatment

Lyme Warrior Heather Haynes Discusses a vision for the future of Lyme Treatment: An accelerated search for a cure, and lower cost treatment.


From “The Activists E1 ” “Medical Patients React To The ‘Failure to Treat’ Policies of the IDSA”

Friday, May 15th, 2015

"Medical Patients React To The 'Failure to Treat' Policies of the IDSA" from The Georgia Pictures Company on Vimeo.

Lyme disease is not getting proper treatment in the Untied States. Lyme activists believe that IDSA guidelines foster improper non thorough testing, and sometimes lead to aggression against Lyme literate doctors. Drug costs are high..and in the majority of cases not insured. It is a classic case of Big Business and Lobbying against he American People, and, quite often, their representatives in the House. Over the past year Lyme Activists have been scoring more and more legislative victories around the country…this is the story of the Mayday Project, a leading organization in informing the public about Lyme, and the inadequate treatment the Medical Community is providing for Lyme Patients as of 2015.


Lyme Treatment: The Mayday Project.orgs’s Allison Caruana

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

By Milon Henry Levine The Foundation Network PHILADELPHIA:

This weekend the primary thing we saw preventing the IDSA (Infecteus Disease society of America) and The CDC from changing guidelines for treating Lyme’s disease, felt like insurance and pharm lobbys, and guys inside the IDSA that hold patents to current insufficient Lyme testing…ie pretty serious conflicts of interests. As for the pharma companies, bumping up the prices of certain antibiotics dramatically in the face of their surge of usage,the pharma industry need to be shaken up ala Elon Musk. A compassionate player with big resources has to come in.


Lyme: Activist Protest at the New York Times This Week

Friday, September 19th, 2014

2 days ago around 100  protestors In NYC gathered at The New York Times building for more effort to stop ignoring lyme patients and speed up Lyme Treatment.
From Organizer Ross Anderson, founder of Cure The CDC…wrote the following “The New York Times and Lyme Patients vs. CDC: Class Action Suit would like to thank the Butoh Dancers for their wonderful performance! And a super special Thanks to everyone that helped make this demonstration a success!


As we follow this we’d also like to show a alittle history of the Act Up movement that has done so much to combat HIV.  So right now in health, we’re gonna look at Lyme the History of Act Up and a little bit more about the ALCS foundations that were all over the place this summer. Hopefully out of these three…more insight into how health oriented  non profits can be run effectively.