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The Clinton Foundation: The Final Annual Meeting, 2016

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Well right now in mid town Manhattan the Clinton Global Initiative is meeting. Allegedly the last meeting in a while, at least if Hillary Clinton becomes President. At a time when Trump’s foundation is being discussed as a Slush Fund, this meeting on Global Prosperity, is worth looking at. The Clinton Foundation has a 4 star charity rating by Charity Watch. Here is what the meeting is all about this year:

“Global prosperity requires both equity and opportunity for all. In 2016, through the theme ‘Partnering for Global Prosperity,” CGI challenges its members to consider how they are building and maintaining global prosperity through creative cooperation. Throughout the year and at the Annual Meeting, CGI members will explore how to partner in new and unique ways to secure flourishing livelihoods for all, enable communities to thrive, and promote and increase environmental sustainability everywhere.”

Here is the conference livestream:


A comparison of the two foundation (Trump Clinton)  we at TFN think is definitely in order. Here, without the networking sessions, lunches and awards, that seem all passionate discussions and deeply informative, are substantive issue based discussions that just went down at CGI this week:


Beyond Equality: Harnessing the Power of Girls & Women for Sustainable Development

Partnering for Global Prosperity

Succeeding in the World’s Toughest Places

What We Know Now: Applying Lessons Learned to Advance Haiti’s Future

Girl, Uninterrupted: Increasing Opportunity During Adolescence

Turning Landfills into Goldmines: Can We Make the Circular Economy a Reality?

Elephants Action Network: Impact through Collaborative Conservation

Imagine All the People: A speech by Bill Clinton

We’ll be providing some video from the meeting as we get it.


Clinton Not the Closer He Used to Be (According to Politico Dudes)

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Photo: MH Levine Bill Clinton makes his first appearance on the road for Hillary, back on January 4th 2016 in Nashua New Hampshire. Two dudes from Politico, Louis Nelson,  and Nick Gass, weigh in.

FROM POLITICO: Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, was home working Sunday evening when Huma Abedin called with an urgent request: Could the former president drop his upcoming meetings in Washington, and take over for his pneumonia-felled wife on the campaign trail.

The answer was, of course, yes: The former president filled in at three fundraisers in California on Tuesday and at a rally in northern Las Vegas on Wednesday. While his wife rested in Chappaqua, New York, he tried to make her case that the country has “to vote for the only person with a credible economic plan.”
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In the eyes of his most stalwart defenders, the last-minute sub was an example of the age-old Clinton two-for-one: “He can do something as a surrogate no Trump supporter can do: explain why she’s qualified for the job,” said former Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna. “If Gov. [Chris] Christie lives to be 1,000 years old, he’ll never know what it’s like to be president.”

But with eight weeks to go and Hillary Clinton’s lead slipping, some of her allies have begun to question how much the campaign should lean on him and how bright his legacy star power still is.
“We need to hear directly from the candidate at this point in the election,” a longtime Clinton ally and Democratic National Committee member, said. “It’s nice to have him, but the only real surrogate who works at this point is President Obama.”


By Louis Nelson
Indeed, Democratic operatives cast Clinton’s husband as a second-tier stand-in for the candidate — of less value than President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. He still has a 53 percent approval rating, according to a recent poll, and can speak to broad swaths of the electorate. But in some of the swing states where campaign operatives are putting in asks for big-name Democrats to visit, Bill Clinton comes in about even with Joe Biden and Tim Kaine, followed by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Democratic operatives say. He’s seen as a highly effective rainmaker with donors, but less useful than the reigning leaders of the party at rallies and among voters.
The value of the Obamas as surrogates also rises because they are scarce commodities on the campaign trail. Bill Clinton, by contrast, is an easier get, with a weaker case to make: He has traveled to more than 40 states and territories, and headlined more than 400 public events for his wife this year.
“When you see Bill Clinton, the first thing you think of is not Hillary, it’s not tomorrow — it’s the former president and yesterday,” said the DNC member. “He can go and raise money, but in terms of what she is going to do as president — she needs to be making that case. I’m voting for Hillary. I’m not voting for Bill.”
Bill Clinton carried 32 states, plus the District of Columbia, in 1992 and again in 1996 — and he still loves campaigning. But there is a growing distance between Clinton’s presidency and the electorate, and unlike eight years ago, he’s no longer the last Democrat to sit in the Oval Office. The last time he ran for office was 20 years ago, which means anyone younger than 38 never even cast a vote for him.

Bill Clinton: ‘Almost certain’ Hillary is healthier than Trump

And that can be frustrating to the longtime Democratic closer.
After her 2008 loss, the Clintons decided to make the former president a workhorse, not a show horse this time around, toiling in the background of the Hillary show. This cycle, “he’s toned down his speeches, he’s toned down his political insight, he sticks to the talking points — he does everything he can not to make news,” said Garry Mauro, a longtime friend of the Clintons and current Texas state director.
But this backseat role has not always been comfortable for a hands-on political animal. The former president, according to an ally familiar with his thinking, has become increasingly “frustrated with the fact that the campaign is based on analytics, with not enough attention to message” as the polls tighten.
And he seems more energized when the spotlight is on him. During the Clinton-Kaine bus tour following the Democratic National Convention in July, for instance, the former president struggled to keep his eyes open as he sat silently next to Anne Holton, to the side of a podium at the K’NEX Brands toy manufacturing company in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

Wednesday’s rally at the College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne campus was Bill Clinton’s shot at driving a message with all cameras focused on him. “We need to live together, we need to protect women’s rights, labor rights, LGBT rights,” he said, pacing behind the “Stronger Together” podium that had been prepared for his wife. “We need to get over all these crazy divisions — that’s Hillary’s vision, that’s what ‘Stronger Together’ means.”
He looked energetic on stage for 40 minutes, hitting the talking points about his wife’s plans to encourage long-term investment and install solar panels to combat climate change, and whacking her opponent.
But he also waxed nostalgic, reminding the crowd of the “surplus budget” he left for his successor in 2000, and how he worked with former Sen. Tom Harkin to “change the Medicaid law so that a person with a disability could go to work and not lose his Medicaid.”

There also were signs of the physical setbacks that are part and parcel of his own advancing age. When a woman called out with a question while he was speaking on stage, Clinton, 70, responded, “I’m hard of hearing, so I’ll never be able to hear what you said.” He also didn’t escape the appearance without any missteps, downgrading his wife’s ailment from pneumonia to a more workaday flu: “It’s a crazy time we live in. You know, when people think there’s something unusual about getting the flu. Last time I checked, millions of people were getting it every year.”

With Hillary Clinton set to return to the campaign trail Thursday, Democrats said they hope Bill Clinton subbing in for his wife is viewed more as a human moment than a long-term political strategy: simply an example of a supportive spouse doing his part.
And even if hearing from a former president is not the same as getting a real sense of the current candidate, he is still a celebrity who can draw a crowd.
Paparazzi shooting Sofia Vergara shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills Tuesday afternoon ditched the television star and scrambled to Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, after hearing that Clinton was on the premises, ordering a decaf Americano.
“Bill Clinton? I’m out,” said paparazzo Vladimir Labissiere, who biked over to capture an image of the former leader of the free world pressing the flesh and talking coffee production in Haiti. “This was the best shot of the day.”

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Donna Shalala to head Clinton Foundation

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

The Clinton Foundation will get new leadership in the form of longtime Clinton ally and former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala as it continues to face ongoing questions about its foreign fundraising practices, former President Bill Clinton announced in Coral Gables, Florida on Friday.

The news of Shalala’s new role comes as the foundation has caused all-but-certain 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton some political trouble in the final weeks before her expected campaign roll-out. Republicans have latched onto reports that the foundation resumed accepting money from foreign governments after Clinton left the State Department in 2013 — a policy which the organization said it would review if Clinton pursues the White House — and to her use of a personal email address as Secretary of State.

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And the foundation has also come under scrutiny with the swift departure of CEO Eric Braverman, a close ally of Chelsea Clinton.

Additionally, it was discovered that the foundation had accepted donations from companies that were simultaneously lobbying the U.S. government while Clinton was working as secretary of state.

Braverman left in January after clashing with members of former President Bill Clinton’s circle. Hillary Clinton confidante Maura Pally has been serving as CEO in an interim capacity since Braverman’s departure.

Shalala, 74, announced in September that she would resign from her position as president of the University of Miami at the end of the school year after 14 years leading the university. She reportedly will move to New York to lead the nonprofit, which is officially named the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Shalala served as HHS secretary for all eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and she joins the Clintons in Miami over the weekend as her school hosts a foundation event. By leaving the foundation in her hands as Hillary Clinton prepares to run for president, the family hands off their $2 billion global philanthropic enterprise to a long-standing friend with fundraising experience of her own.

The former cabinet secretary has raised nearly $3 billion during her tenure in Miami, garnering a reputation as a skilled financial operator. The foundation will likely need such leadership over at least the next two years, as Clinton will not be able to directly raise money for it while tapping donors to fund her own presidential ambitions.

She joined her husband and daughter at the helm of the organization after leaving the State Department in 2013, and headlined on Wednesday what is likely to be the foundation’s last major fundraising event before her campaign.

In choosing Shalala, the Clintons tapped an official with significant management experience — she also served in top roles at Hunter College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison — and a reputation for not being a rubber-stamp after opposing Bill Clinton’s welfare law when he was president.

But she has also been helpful for Hillary Clinton, hosting her at a friendly appearance in Coral Gables in February 2014 as Clinton was gaining momentum as a presidential hopeful.?

Hillary Clinton and Shalala, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008 by President George W. Bush, served on the board of the Children’s Defense Fund for years together.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Pally’s name.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/donna-shalala-clinton-foundation-115838.html#ixzz3TiplPAxT